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On Tuesday 12th August, we welcomed Little Snoopy, an abandoned three month old foal from Cardiff.  Take a look at our Latest News Page to see pictures and regular updates on his progress.

We are very fortunate to have such good, kind and helpful people at the Sanctuary.  Without their help and belief, DHAPS would not be able to continue so a very big thank you from all of us.  If anyone else is available on 23rd August to help with putting up new fencing, Sian would be really pleased to see you.  Please email through the website.  Barbecue and drinks to keep everyone going.

We have made a separate page for one of oldest residents Lucky who passed away peacefully at the age of 32.  He was a very special little Dartmoor pony and is the reason this Sanctuary has survived for as long as it has.  Please read Lucky's story 

 About Us

The Devon and Horse and Pony Sanctuary, situated on Dartmoor has been caring for horses, ponies and donkeys since 1976. Since then many neglected, abused and homeless equines have found a secure and loving home until the end of their days. Suitable and rehabilitated animals are found caring new loan homes but are always able to return to the Sanctuary if circumstances change.

Sylvia and Terry Phillips started the Sanctuary which gained Charity status in 1980. They began the principle of maintaining a small and personal establishment, which allows for each animal to be cared for as an individual and given all the love and attention they deserve. Since the beginning many children and adults including the disabled and the disadvantaged have gained great benefit from close contact with our animals and we still see this as an important part of what we do today.  The Phillips family have continued this work since Sylvia's death in 2009 expanding the sanctuary into France where most of the bigger horses including 12 retired Police horses from forces within England are given a safe and secure home for the rest of their lives. If you want to read more about this please visit the website or look at Brantome Police Horses page. 


The Devon Horse & Pony Sanctuary are proud to be members of the National Equine Welfare Council


The Devon Horse & Pony Sanctuary

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