Winter Appeal 2021/2022


How you can Help!

This year we are asking for a different kind of help. We understand that times are hard especially with the way the world is at the moment.  


Covid-19 has affected everyone and as a small charity that relies on donations, we know and understand that one off donations are not always possible. 

So this year we are trying something new for our Charity and we hope that you can all help. We are asking for all our supporters Old and New if they can donate just £3.00 a month through a regular direct debit, standing order or another form of payment

Your £3.00 a month will ensure that our Horses, Ponies and Donkeys will get everything they need to not only see them through the Winter but also help us to provide a home for more equines that need our support. 

As a small charity we do not have the funds or man power to provide sponsorship packs but if you would like to put your £3.00 a month towards one of your favourite Residents and you would like updates then a we will be happy to send you emails, pictures and messages when requested, plus you will be kept regularly updated through our Social Media sites. 

Each Horse, Pony and Donkey can cost in the region of £3000 a year, your money will help towards:




The Vet

The Farrier 

The Dentist

The committed people that care for them.



Field management


And the list goes on...

Please click here to see ways that you can Donate your £3.00 a month. 

You will see that we have put a light hearted video on to our Social Media sites, this does not take away the seriousness of what we are asking for but we are fun and happy bunch that have a great love for what we do. 

We wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy 2022!.

Love from everyone here at DHAPS