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Herbie by all accounts was a very able stallion in his hey day.  He is a miniature spotted pony, very well bred and came from showing stock.

Unfortunately, his breeder wasn't the most humane of people and had far too many ponies in his care.  Herbie along with many others were used as breeding machines.  He like many stallions wanted to be top horse and so would fight for the title.  The breeder had been in trouble with Police and the RSPCA many times, even finding dead animals in his fields.  

One particular occasion Herbie was found with the most awful injuries along with a couple of dead ponies and wasn't expected to live.  The RSPCA took him in with others and he was given the best veterinary care, on a drip for a week and his cuts and wounds stitched up. He was 19 years old and had to have the indignity of being castrated, but all for his own good. A foster home was found for him whilst he recovered and then the RSPCA contacted us and asked if we could take him in on a permanent basis.  

After hearing his story, we were only too happy to offer the poor chap a forever home.  He still likes to think he's a stallion but of course can do nothing about it.  He will live out the rest of his days at the sanctuary with his girlfriend Holly.

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