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Our Work

We provide a unique and forever, loving home in the heart of the beautiful Devon countryside for horses and ponies including our brave and courageous UK retired Police horses who in most cases have an enforced retirement and who would have nowhere else to go.


We rehabilitate where necessary and if a kind and loving private home can be found for our residents (apart from the Police horses) we re-home, always on the understanding that the equine remains the ownership of the charity and can return at any time.

Our aims and objectives:

  • Providing a forever home where necessary for equines neglected, cruelly treated or unwanted and so are in need of care, treatment, rehabilitation with love and kindness.

  • To created a unique place where we combine our rescued equines with humans and in doing so create a happy place where animal and human derive mutual benefit.

  • To advise and educate concerning the welfare of horses and ponies

  • To include people of all abilities and backgrounds in the work we do as charity


What We Do

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Rescue Stories


Our Work

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