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Peaches & Victor

Devon Horse & Pony Sanctuary were contacted by Cardiff City Horse Wardens about a couple of young Shetlands that had been found abandoned in the back yard of a house in the city. 


They think the house was occupied by travellers who were moved on, but unfortunately these two poor ponies were not known to be there, so were left behind.  It was a further three weeks before neighbours informed the Police and they could be rescued.  They are certainly fighters these two, as there was nothing to eat other than the weeds growing out of the walls and around the back yard and the water was from broken drain pipes and rain coming off the roof.  

The council took them in and they immediately received veterinary care and feed.  Not knowing who the owners were, they set about trying to find them a new home and so DHAPS having already taken in two Gypsy Cobs that had been found in terrible condition, when asked agreed to take in Peaches and Victor.    When the horse box arrived at the sanctuary with the Shetlands who were very thin and their coats in bad condition, everyone fell in love with them.  Now looking a them, you wouldn't believe the difference.  We had always intended to find foster homes for them together but they are so good with the visitors and children love to groom them, that for the time being they will stay at the sanctuary.

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