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What We Do

The Devon Horse and Pony Sanctuary rescues, rehabilitates, and provides a safe haven for abandoned, mistreated and neglected equines.  A safe and forever home is offered where we provide essential veterinary treatment, rehabilitation and lifelong care. Occasionally, we may re-home a horse or pony if we find a suitable foster home, but they will always remain the property of the Charity and can return at any point if the foster's circumstances change. 


Since 1993 we have offered a forever home to retired UK Police horses, these horses come to us if they have no where else to go.


All monies raised go towards keeping these beautiful animals.  We rely solely on donations and legacy's and visitors

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Obviously, the sanctuary is primarily for horses but we also know that its a sanctuary over the last 45 years for our volunteers and visitors, who gain benefit from just being here within this calm and peaceful environment.

As part of the manifesto we are here to help disadvantaged children and adults and see this as an important part of why DHAPS is needed. 


We have always encouraged people to visit either individually, couples or  within small groups.  We always ask this to be by appointment as we are a small establishment and we like to offer a unique experience.   


Today, more and more people are finding out how empathetic animals can be, in the recovery process and we are finding that our equine-assisted therapy continues to grow in popularity.

The sanctuary is continually improving its pastures and the environment.  Our site is where wildlife and conservation are observed. 


The sanctuary land is a peaceful place not only for our equines but for our visitors.


The flowers and grasses that grow on the banks, ditches and field margins of the Devon hedges are of great wildlife value and are very attractive. Visitors to the sanctuary are often amazed by them!


This year we aim to put up bat boxes, bird boxes and bug hotels and we have an amazing array of bird life. 

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