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Edward & Harriet



Two small and mischievous Miniature Mediterranean Donkeys.

This brother and sister duo are very sweet natured and during your visit, you will have the opportunity to get close to them, in order to cuddle and stroke them.


The miniature Mediterranean donkey originated in Sicily and Sardinia.  They stand anywhere between 29" and 36" and with the right care and nutrition should live until they are 35 years old.  They are loyal and affectionate creatures and love children, the more attention paid to them, the more faithful and gentle they become.  They are ideal for the family, children, disabled adults and the elderly.


They were originally bred to turn grinding stones for grain, inside the peasant house's on the Mediterranean islands of Sicily and Sardinia.  They were also used to carry water from village wells and supplies, up steep and narrow mountain passes for shepherds.  There are 18th century wood pictures showing these small donkeys blindfolded and attached to the grain mill, walking in endless circles - doesn't bear thinking about does it!  Thankfully these little donkeys are no longer used in this way, but sadly, they're also nearly extinct in their native countries!

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